As we begin a new year, what changes can we make to radiate “Wonderful Words of Life” to those we live with, work with, and encounter on a regular or irregular basis?


The Nest May be Empty, But the Heart is Full

A Basking Butterfly

Talk about pondering! I’ve been pondering this thing (or era, or phase, or freedom, or time of life) everyone calls “empty nest syndrome” for quite a while. Just like that, in the blink of an eye, in a mere twinkle, in a breath, 25 years of fairly intensive mothering morphs into the next phase, on to the next chapter. It’s something I’ve known would and should happen, but not something I’ve been eagerly anticipating. It’s now the day after Labor Day – most schools are now in session. It’s time to put this pondering to rest.


It’s Who They Are, Not What They Do!

Thankfully, I was able to raise my daughters, in large part, prior to the advent of social media. If you have heard me speak or teach over the last few years you know I’m concerned over the pressure mothers – of all ages, makes and models – feel to present their lives, homes and, of course, children in the best light possible. I’ve felt that pressure as well. Like most, I don’t post pictures or statuses displaying failure, anger, disappointment, weight gain, dust, dead flowers, etc. We seem to be compelled to present only our successes to the social media world – and, in a good many cases, that usually includes the achievements and triumphs of our children.


Some Days

Some days are more memorable than others.  Some days serve as markers to immense changes in our lives.  Some days aren’t just any days.  In my life, this is one of those days.  25 years ago today I claimed a name that, until that exact remarkable moment, captured an utterly unknown dimension to my very being, my character and my experience – – – the name “Momma.”

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