Praying Through Precious,Uncertain Days


Yes, the preciousness of each day and the uncertainty of life hit close to home for us in Kentucky yesterday.  The loss of life, peace and security shattered the hopes, joy, anticipation and comfort of yet another “place” we enter, without a thought, most days. Whether a school, church, mall, gymnasium, amusement park, concert venue, theater – public or private – these are the “places” where we live life. Where we grow and learn, shop, compete, worship and gather to be entertained or merely to enjoy one another’s company.  Sometimes those precious days end in sorrow and grief.  Most days they don’t. But that is really the basis of the uncertainty of life – we don’t know what each day will hold.

We can plan and prepare; we can try to make ourselves “ready” for every possible situation. We can be financially secure, single, married, divorced, old, young, healthy, sick, heavy or thin – and still we all are bound by the same truth: life is but a vapor.  We have no real “control” over most things in our daily lives. But there is one thing we can do and something we have absolute control over – – – – whether or not we pray.

That is really the crux of this “pondering.”  Do I really pray each day for my loved ones, for the needs of friends and family, for any and all facets of my life and the lives of those around me? And, I’ll go ahead and say it – I’m not talking about typing “praying” into a comment on Facebook. I’m talking about really calling on Almighty God of the Bible, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.  I mean truly entering the Throne Room of Grace to intercede on behalf of those requests we have on our hearts.

And since this is the ponderings of a mom, I’ll narrow it down further. Do we pray over, for and with our children?

As moms, we wear ourselves out trying to meet the needs of our children. We work and cook, clean and do laundry, attend meetings and games and recitals and concerts. We meet ourselves coming and going as we rush to work and school and lessons and church and wherever else we need to be to make sure our kids are where they need to be, doing what they need to be doing, achieving what they are working toward and being successful, well-liked, well-dressed, well-appointed and well-prepared for life as we know it. (Yes, that sentence was very long – as long as most days feel when you are a mom♥)

In the midst of all of this frenzied coming and going, do we take a minute, or two, to meet the most important need of our children – to bathe them in prayer to prepare them for the day – to take a few treasured moments to quieten their hearts and minds and envelope them with the presence of God? We have a precious opportunity to remind them of our love, of Jesus’ love and to prepare us all for the day to come – whatever it should hold; whatever should befall.

If your children aren’t used to you actually grabbing them in a hug before everyone heads out the door and praying with them – there is no better time to start than today – or no later than tomorrow.

We don’t know why we ever began doing so – but when our girls were very small we started doing just that – huddling up as a family to pray together before we went our separate ways for the day. Our girls are grown now – but we still do the very same thing.  Even our married daughter’s husband joins in the huddle. We try to never have them leave our home – no matter the time of day – without praying with them. And if they aren’t home – they know we are praying for them.

In those younger years, mornings were crazy and chaotic. We would be trying to gather homework and permission slips, lunches, socks, shoes and getting very curly hair in some semblance of order.  By the time everyone was ready to go we were exhausted, sometimes frustrated and many times “on edge.” You could almost “feel” the morning crescendo as the necessary deadline for departure approached.

Yet, I would say most days, we would (sometimes frantically) gather together to pray. In those few cherished moments the frenzied air would be calmed, the frustrations eased, the exasperations would rest, as we focused on the Lord. There generally wasn’t time for some long, flowing, flowery prayer. It was brief, but sweet.  Simple, yet powerful.  Readying and reassuring.

And then, like runners out of the starting blocks, we would say “Amen!” give a last hug and kiss and everyone would be off to whatever awaited them that day  – – – that precious, uncertain day.

If your children are still under your roof, I encourage you to grab them into that family prayer huddle each morning. It might be awkward the first few days, but they will be fine, and the “weirdness” will lessen over time. If your children are grown, I encourage you to let them know you are praying for them as they greet each day with the joys and challenges it will hold.  And when they do come home for a visit, don’t let them out the door without revisiting that family “huddle” to pray with them and for them! Those will become the most precious of moments; a certain portion in our most uncertain days.

So much of life is not within our control. We must faithfully trust the sovereignty of the One who is in control.  I encourage you to include Him in the beginning of your busy day – to invite Him into that family huddle – to prepare our hearts and lives for what the day holds. Praying with and for your children will become a treasured aspect of your day – and for sure, the most valuable.  Those moments will be cherished and remembered for many precious, and uncertain, days to come.

Thought to Ponder:  How much more precious would your mornings become if you take a moment to huddle together with your children to pray with them before everyone runs out to begin their busy days? How much more settled your heart? How much sweeter your good-byes?









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  • Marcia, this came at a very pivotal time for me. God has used you, your wisdom and your beautiful family to open my heart ! All my love!!! Lora

  • THANK YOU beloved Sister-in-Christ…I NEEDED this!!!

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful read, it really reminded me how important those moments are

  • Yes, yes, yes, Marcia! Precious moments indeed! Thank you for this powerful pondering.


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