The Melody of the Mundane


I woke up early this Monday morning. I woke up so early the brilliantly full “super moon” was still hanging over our neighbor’s rooftop. This “super moon” is apparently also known as the “beaver moon” because it occurs during the time beavers are actively preparing for winter.  I didn’t rise early because I had some prestigious, high-paying job to get to.  In fact, neither did I get up early to go to any place of employment. I didn’t even get up early to get my kids off to school. I got up early because I had things, like the beaver, to accomplish around my home.

And yes, those things are absolutely among the most repetitive and mundane. As I began attacking my list of chores I realized that, yes, they are mundane, they are repetitive, and they are boring and relatively unexciting. But each one contains a message of love and blessing if I just look beyond the task itself.

So, like the magical moon, I began listening to and appreciating the magical melodious message of the mundane.

We had a busy, eventful weekend.  Because of family and church events we had a houseful of sweet, precious guests – family and dear friends.

As I changed beds and washed sheets this morning, I was grateful for our home and the freedom those we love have to come and stay. We had every bed filled, including our sofa and a little tiny bed for a sweet little visitor. I love that our rooms were filled, that our girls wanted to come home, that new and old friends joined in the overnight gathering. My heart is full. I’d change a million beds to get to have those I love and cherish under my roof whenever possible!

I finished up washing and putting away the dishes, pots and pans that we used as we were able to all share a couple of meals (one absolutely thrown together) around our table. Absolutely nothing has meant more to me over the years than to look around my table at the dear faces of my family, close friends, acquaintances, and the dozens of young people who have graced our home.  To share a meal is to share our lives. To make it happen takes a bit of planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning – nothing exciting there – but the fullness of the table and the fullness of our bellies easily reflects the fullness of our lives.

As I went about, picking up things from here and there, I was thankful for the presence of the little girl whose parents we saw meet, fall in love, marry, minister and begin a family together. She was an excited little hoot – full of joy and life. Without our investing in their lives, and without their investing in ours, we would have missed the delight of her little self.

I had the privilege of thinking of and praying for the needs of those I know completely, those I hardly know and those I may never know.  Some had a weekend of celebration. Some were grieving great loss. There is nothing mundane in getting to bring names to the foot of the throne of the Creator of that super moon!

I thought about the thousands of shirts I have ironed over the years for my husband. Now, I like ironing – it provides great “thinking” time. So, instead of dwelling on the monotony of hours of ironing, I appreciate the ability and time to love and serve the man who loves me most.

The more I thought about the “mundane” chores I was doing, the more grateful I became.  Each task represents love and life, joy and fulfillment, privilege, freedom and blessing.

I must, however, confess – I in no way ever find any joy or fulfillment in dusting. In my opinion, it is the part of the curse I most blame on Eve. While the pain of childbirth is no piece of cake, we women only have a set number of days of that pain in each of our lives.  Not so with dust, it is a life-long, daily curse with no ending and no sweet result!

Perspective is a wonderful thing! It can help morph the mundane into the marvelous.  It can turn the monotonous into the melodious.

Enjoy your Monday, whatever you may be doing!

Thought to Ponder:  How often do you take time to truly appreciate the privilege, freedom and blessing of doing all of the mundane things in your life? For your family and friends? Do you “give ear” to the melody of grace your acts of service bestow on the lives of those you love?

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  • beautiful read.. thank you marcia for giving a encouraging perspective on routine, everyday circumstances. Employment or household responsibilities!… loved viewing super moon this morning at 4 a.m., but didnt feel much like the beaver!.. guess I thought of it the wrong way! I too am thankful for job, family and home..
    bless you and thanks!

  • Thanks for the writing
    I also was doing the mundane today but I enjoy getting to do it, I would trade working outside the home any day to get to stay in my home and take care of my loved ones and our home.

  • Thanks Marcia for these good thoughts! I especially love the sentence about changing a million beds in order to have those you love under your roof. Good for me to remember as I prepare to have 20 some people at my house for Christmas and feel overwhelmed with all the planning and preparation and feelings of inadequacy for the task.

  • Thanks so much for this pondering, Marcia. Actually, this year I have these same thoughts frequently. It is such a blessing to be here on God’s earth under His super moon and to have the ability to complete all the mundane tasks. Using this as a prayerful time has become a wonderful time of thanksgiving!


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